Energy Efficient Housing

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Construction Materials

Thermacork New Hybrid Solar Panel
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New Enphase solar inverters could power homes without batteries even if the grid goes down Affordable Homes Built From Plastic Waste
 rooftop-solar-power-lead home
Do Concrete Homes Cost More?  

Disaster-Resistant Construction

These energy-efficient prefab homes withstand the toughest storms Man’s concrete home survives wall of flames
D home concrete home
Storm Silos and Tornadoes


Home Savings Guide: Saving Opportunities, Rebates, & Tax Credits Make That Home Greener: Energy-Efficient Mortgages
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Social Impact Calculator: Low Income Investment Fund
Social impact calculator

Energy Cost Reduction

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Indoor Air Quality

Ducting HRVs and ERVs How It Works: Heat Recovery Ventilator
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Six Steps to Success with Heat Recovery Ventilation HVI Publication 911: Certified Home Ventilating Products Directory ©
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6 Ways to Ventilate Your Home (and Which is Best) We can’t afford to ignore indoor air quality – our lives depend on it
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Tiny House

Portland’s 359 skinny house follows the sun like a sunflower A Bright and Spacious Little Backyard Cottage